Measure performance in the gym

Kratos™ makes it easy to train for performance, improve technique, and  measure progress


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Magnetically attach Kratos to a barbell

Kratos is built to withstand the roughest training conditions, while not interfering with your workout.


Connect Wirelessly


Bluetooth technology allows for wireless connectivity to track your workout from the first rep to the last.


Measure What Matters

    Oli measures the key performance metrics for athletes:   Force, Power, and Velocity    


Oli measures the key performance metrics for athletes:  Force, Power, and Velocity

Review Workouts

Set Summary

Set Summary

SEE your progress and plateaus after each set and make adjustments.

TRAIN at the optimal power and velocity levels every time.

See how you are moving and where to improve with      Bar Path Analysis       Isolate part of a rep to really understand how well you performed that last lift and how to improve your next one

Workout Summary

REVIEW performance from the workout no matter how many reps or sets you accomplished.

SHARE your results with friends and family