Gotta Catch 'em All, or Burn Calories Trying!

Gotta catch em’ all, or burn calories trying! The latest game for iPhone and Android users, Pokémon Go, has not only revolutionized the way people use video games on their smartphones, but has also managed to bridge two unlikely interests: video gaming and fitness. This connection between two past-times that many people assume not to go hand in hand, has brought millions of gamers outdoors (even in the summer heat) and burning calories.

Pokémon Go is able to lure its users outside to catch Pokémon monsters by using GPS technology and the camera in your phone in order to create an augmented reality in which users are basically required to walk distances to find Pokémon or achieve other in game objectives. It’s no mystery that this game is introducing fitness to millions of people’s lives at an astonishing rate, and we here at Oli Strength think that is a pretty neat thing.

In a survey of 750 Pokémon Go players across the United States, Qualtrics found that 43% of Pokémon Go players have lost weight while playing at an average of 3.2 pounds.

Oli Strength wishes its fellow Pokémon trainers to keep up the good work, and for those new to exercise or making a come-back to come join us in the gym!

Stay Oli Strong Pokémon trainer, and #jointheOlimovement!