CEO Pete Mangum Talks Kratos

With Oli Strength’s upcoming product, Kratos, we aim to make working out more fulfilling and easier. The brainchild of CEO Pete Mangum, Kratos will transform the future of athletic training. As a former collegiate athlete, Pete understands that a workout is not effective without careful planning and tracking. “Having been an athlete my entire life, what most people don’t understand is that 99% of your time is spent training. You have to earn those precious moments where you actually compete in a game.” Instead of spending months tracking weight improvements by single reps, with Kratos there is a better way.

Named after the Greek god of strength, Kratos makes it easy to train for performance, improve technique, and measure progress. Like a “Fitbit for lifters”, the device magnetically attaches to a barbell and stream data back to a smartphone via Bluetooth. It tracks every single rep, from first to last, and analyzes data to provide individuals with instant feedback. Kratos saves the data, all the while without interfering with the workout. Using key metrics force, velocity, and power to measure performance, athletes can review workouts and share their results with others.

Currently being used in Division 1 schools like UNC, Kratos provides users with key insights into athletic training never seen before. With this technology, Oli Strength is bringing the expertise and instruction employed by world class athletes to beginner and experienced lifters alike. Kratos will revolutionize the world of personal fitness one rep at a time.